Testimonials & experience

Social media:

Social media advice has been given to a variety of clients throughout the years, and our managing director regularly conducted courses in this field. She was also asked to give input for an article written by SME South Africa.

We have created and managed a number of social media sites for our clients. We serve businesses, NPOs and individuals. Nothing is too big or small for us. Our clients, Zealous Solutions, Waterproofing Solutions and ADS Architectural Design had a sharp increase in engagement in their business as a result of the posts created by us.

Click here to read the article by SME South Africa.


Unfortunately, as PR Practitioners, clients get the credit for what we write. It is on very rare occasions that one gets one’s name published. Here are a few articles that do credit our managing director, some written while she was with her previous company, others while with CM Freelancing:

Click here to read the article written for a client titled “Using creativity to fight poverty”

Among the clients we have and do write for is Luxury Brand Magazine Africa, New York Club, AgencyX and Matus (Pty) Ltd, Outreach Foundation and SACPS and more


Your writing is impeccable! I am happy to be a reference for you! ~ C.Fulton AgencyX

Advertorial copy:

Again, it is very rare that one gets credit for what one has written as PR Practitioners. Luckily a few do credit our managing director:

Click here to read the copy written for Wetherlys.

Click here to read copy written for Ellerines Furnishers, FurnCity, Town Talk and Savells/Fairdeal, furniture retailers that fell under the Ellerine Holdings banner before the holding company collapsed.

Click here to read copy written for Ellerines Furnishers, FurnCity, Town Talk and Savells/Fairdeal.

Editing and proofreading:

Throughout the years, a variety of documents have been edited and proofread including annual reports, newsletters, articles, theses and dissertations.

You allowed me to keep the spirit of my report…I was so impressed with your services and dedication, that I passed your contacts on to other students and the college ~ M. van Wyk, National Diploma: Financial Accounting

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