Why is Social Media Key?

With the advent of social media, people have the ability to publish what they want, when they want. This includes good and bad experiences.

There are many social media tools available for them to use to talk to other people and to share their views.

You may not have control over these conversations, but if you have a social media strategy, you can use social media to your advantage – to influence.

According to research released by Bulldog Reporter (a media news and intelligence resource for PR practitioners) in the United States in 2008:

  • More than 29% of journalists in USA regularly read one or more blogs to research topics
  • 56% of journalists surveyed use Twitter to seek story leads and to connect with peers in similar work
  • More than 70% use social media to research stories.
  • 38% of journalists say that they visit Facebook, YouTube and social bookmarks at least once a month as part of their research
  • 19% receive RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds of news services, blogs, podcasts or vodcasts every week\
  • 34% use Wikis as a living media kit for the companies and beats they cover.

Remember that what you say within your company is never too far away from being a feature on someone’s blog!

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