Developing your business is the most important task as a business owner. Brand identity is easily created and just as easily destroyed. Let the professionals build your brand the right way through targetted PR and personalised development programmes. 

Public Relations

A good public image is essential to maintaining a steady flow of customers. To boost your public image, strong PR is needed. With our many years of experience, we have become masters at creating and implementing good, strong and strategic public relations strategies which help influence your impact on your target audience. Trust us to boost your business's image through targetted and strategic public interaction.

Media Liaison

Media liaison involves developing good relations with various media. It is not an easy task to do and it certainly helps to have a media relations practitioner involved who will help pave the way to positive
interactions, and who will write high-quality media statements. Good relations with the media can help influence your public image, and give you the opportunity to become the go-to person/company when a journalist requires information.

Business Development

Developing your company into the worldwide sensation it deserves to be is a daunting task. Development occurs at an exponential rate - the first steps are always the hardest. Allow professionals to help you jump-start your company and skip the tedious "infant stages".

We do this by developing a solid business strategy which covers all aspects of brand strategy, social media strategy and a business plan. We offer services such as small business administration and creating powerful personal branding. Our business development programme is well versed in all business types and has been fine-tuned in order to grant effective, short-term results.


Having efficient staff is key to having an efficient business. If you need a completely new skillset or fine-tuning of an already known skillset, we can help. Don't waste valuable time trying to learn skills on your own, hire a professional and see increased profit and efficiency immediately.

We offer training in a variety of fields. Through simple instructions and methodical and practical courses, we give you the skills you need to succeed. We offer courses in social media, writing (for business and creative), English lessons for speakers of other languages, as well as a variety of other communication-related subjects. All courses are conducted on a one-to-one or in-house basis.

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